(c) Frank Baumann

Sequoia Projects


Sequoia develops renewable energy projects in a region of North America that contains some of the continent’s best renewable energy resources.


Since developing the 100 MW St. Leon wind project in Manitoba (Manitoba’s first independent power project and its first wind energy project), Sequoia has widened its wind energy footprint to include a targeted set of run-of-river hydroelectric and solar energy projects. Sequoia has many resource measurement tools across its market territory and has assembled a significant compilation of wind, solar and hydrological data from these sites.


Sequoia emphasizes respectful landowner relationships, methodical transmission and interconnection analysis, thorough environmental impact assessment, and orderly construction planning. Sequoia’s project development cycle includes on-going fatal flaw analysis to ensure that the company’s small pipeline is current, viable, and disciplined in its construction readiness.


As Sequoia projects move forward in the development cycle, publicly available details will be found here.